SIAD stands for Synergistic Isogenous Active Decontamination.  Simply stated, SIAD uses nano-photonics to decontaminate and purify.  Photonics is the application of light whose basic unit of energy is produced by the photon.  SIAD is a patented process incorporating a specific combination of proprietary wavelengths, operating simultaneously to decontaminate, purify, and/or sterilize.

In 1984, I began my research with a unique nano-photonic device that micro-cleaned and sterilized medical implants and armamentarium while using a combination of photonic wavelengths.  My research device was introduced and used at Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Western New York and the technology was named SIAD to differentiate it from other photonics. 

Synergena International, Inc. was formed as the exclusive company utilizing the SIAD technology in proprietary devices.

Successful, clinical trials of SIAD nano-photonic (multiple wavelengths) technology began over three decades ago in the medical industry with micro-cleaning, organic and inorganic decontamination, and sterilization at national and international institutions, such as Roswell Park Cancer Institute, the Cleveland Clinic, UCLA, the University at Buffalo, the Veterans Administration Hospitals, among others.

Also, the technology transfer of SIAD and SIAD prototype equipment gained recognition and use in the fields of food, beverage, and agricultural purification, weapons grade biological and chemical decontamination, and industrial wastewater remediation.  To name a few, Synergena’s clientele included FMC, Tropicana, Kendall McGaw, Moog, Monogram-Zodiac, and Boeing. 

A few SIAD prototype firsts are:

  • First and only 10 second, successful, medical sterilizer and micro cleaner,
  • First and only non-thermal, OJ (high pulp) pasteurization maintaining orange’s nutrients, 
  • First and only eradication of weapons grade microorganisms trapped in filters,
  • First and only photonic remediation of hydrocarbons,
  • And the first and fastest non-filtration pathogenic microorganism eradication in water.


Incorporating the SIAD technology into Synergena’s new, commercially available H-Cat and Micro HellCat, the SIAD technology will be a definite added value to you and the environment.

SIAD adds value by:

  • Reducing costs in water recycling for the energy industry,
  • Giving back to the community by manufacturing high-tech equipment and providing sales opportunities,
  • And making clean water and clean air for our environment (SIAD is GREEN technology).


Soon, I trust, both stationary and mobile SIAD industrial wastewater treatment systems and facilities will be operational, located in your communities and on industrial sites, producing clean, pure water.  

Thank you for visiting our website.  I hope you find it informative and beneficial.  Please contact me with any questions.