Robert E. Duthie, B.S., M.S.



Bio/mechanical engineer with over thirty years R&D, engineering, manufacturing, GMP, QC/regulatory, education, and management experience in the fields of medical devices, decontamination, environmental, and related disciplines.

Founder, President, & Bioengineer at Synergena International, Inc., Ocala, FL, with R&D, prototype fabrication & testing of SIAD nano-photonic chemical & microbiological decontamination with air, water, & liquids. (15 years)

Founder, President, & Bioengineer of BUD Industries, Inc., Holland, NY, with R&D, clinical applications, manufacturing, cleaning, and sterilizing FDA Class III medical implants and surgical instrumentation. (19 years)


Former Clients:

New York State Senate Environmental Conservation Committee

(Hydraulic Fracturing Wastewater & Cuttings)


Monogram-Zodiac, Inc. / Boeing & Airbus

          (Airline Water Purification)


New York State NYSTAR/Center of Excellence

(Complex & Non-complex Liquid Decontamination with Photonics)


          Moog, Inc.

(Water & Wastewater Purification)


Florida Fruit and Vegetable Association

(Citrus Juice Microbiological Purification with Photonics)


Lockheed Martin Corp.

(Photonic Decontamination of Microbiological Organisms)


 State of Florida

(Citrus & Grey Water Microbiological Decontamination)


 Roswell Park Cancer Institute & Cleveland Clinic

(Medical Implant Design, Cleaning, & Sterilization)


 State University of New York at Buffalo

(Medical Implant Cleaning & Sterilization)


 Kendall McGraw

(Photonic IV Bag Sterilization)


 Johnson & Johnson Ethicon Division

(Suture Sterilization with Photonics)


Price rate:  

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