Synergistic Isogenous Active Decontamination


Synergena's photonic lamp decontaminates water. 


Nano-Photonic Process:

The SIAD nano-photonic process for purification consists of specific photonic wavelengths acting simultaneously on a cellular enzyme produced by all microorganisms.  This combination of wavelengths results in the production of free radicals thereby causing a sequential disruption of the electron transport system and pathogenic microorganism eradication.


SIAD vs. Ultraviolet (UV) Water Purification:

The following is a UV water purification lamp (24” UV-C lamp) comparison with the SIAD (8” nano-photonic lamp) on various water depths during 7 and 3 second exposures.  All testing was performed on 10log CFU/ml, E. coli (ATCC #47056) contaminated water.  Testing was conducted at the State University of New York at Buffalo, School of Medicine, Department of Microbiology.  

Synergena's photonic lamp decontaminates water. 



The advantages of SIAD compared to conventional purification technologies are:

  1. Eradication – unprecedented microorganism reduction,
  2. Cost Savings – faster and more efficient,
  3. Market Expansion – market diversification,
  4. Miniaturization – smaller (but easily scaled up),
  5. and Energy Reduction – economical and GREEN


In summary, the SIAD technology devices offer true biological and organic decontamination of water.  There are no residual effects, no additives, modular construction, minimal components, ease of maintenance, monitoring insuring a failsafe system, and power options (AC, DC, battery or solar).  Also, it is compact, reliable, and proven.